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Song, Stone, Scale, Bone - by Juliet Kemp

  • 18/12/2023 14:33
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    Song, Stone, Scale, Bone, a novella by Juliet Kemp -- out now.

    Sir Cade expected an easy afternoon’s guiding job. She didn’t expect it to end up sneaking her client over a border to avert a war, whilst being trailed by a bored dragon. And becoming haunted by the ghost of her best friend and sword-brother, that was definitely a surprise.

    But if it’s all her responsibility, well, that means it’s all down to her to fix it. Whatever the cost.


    "Song, Stone, Scale, Bone" is a deceptively rich and fulfilling work that blends together explorations of grief, friendship, obligation, and mutual support. With its combination of classic fantasy motifs, some lightly crafted magic, and a nuanced sense of where the personal and familial can meet the machinations of leadership and politics, I found Song an intriguing, well-constructed, and satisfying read." — Andi C. Buchanan, author of Sanctuary

    Buy Song, Stone, Scale, Bone now on Amazon UK (ebook/print)Amazon US (ebook/print), or order from your local bookshop.

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