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BSFA Review: My Brother the Messiah by Martin Vopenka

26/10/2021 07:10 | Anonymous

My Brother the Messiah cover

My Brother the Messiah by Martin Vopenka

(Barbican Press, 2021)

Reviewed by Matt Colborn

This subtle, satirical book by Czech author Martin Vopenka examines the consequences of a new Messiah, named Eli, in the twilight era of a failing near-future global civilisation. The story is told through the eyes of Eli’s brother, Marek.

The narrative moves between ‘New Vinohrady,’ a New Slav colony in Northern Greece in 2168 and early 22nd century Prague-Holesovice. In 2168, Marek the old man contemplates the life of his brother Eli, who was assassinated in Dubrovnik almost forty years previously. He lives with a sect of followers of the dead Messiah.

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Review from BSFA Review 14 - Download your copy here.


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