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    Donna Scott

    Hello everyone. I thought it would be a great idea to have a space to discuss new short fiction. What’s brand new out there? Have you read something good this month? Let’s have a think about the diverse range of new short fiction that is available free or to buy and get a good range under our belts come nominations time for our awards, or any other awards you have going.

    First up, some recommendations from me for discussion. Can’t claim to have read everything yet, but my reading pile is sorted.

    Holdfast issue #5 Of, Land, Sea and Sky is out now.
    This issue examines the importance of location and landscape in speculative fiction. Check out some fantastic new short stories by Ian Whates, Arike Oke, Stephen Thom and Colleen Quinn in the Fiction section.

    Launched in print at Eastercon, but available online from January is Adam Roberts Saint Rebor – an Imaginings title from Newcon Press:
    The blurb: Award winning author Adam Roberts is one of the smartest, most insightful and downright entertaining writers of short fiction around. This, his second collection, consists of ten short stories and a poem, all previously uncollected. They include two stories that have never appeared in print before and three that are completely original to this book. The collection opens with “What Did Tessimond Tell You”, which was selected by both Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan for their Year’s Best anthologies, and it builds from there.

    Also launched at Eastercon from the same series was Dave Hutchinson’s Sleeps with Angels. Sleeps With Angels is his first collection in more than a decade, featuring the author’s choice of his short fiction during that time, including “The Incredible Exploding Man”, selected by Gardner Dozois for his Year’s Best Science Fiction in 2012, and a brand new story “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”, original to this collection.

    Have you read these? What’s on your list for this month?


    David Gullen

    I’ve been enjoying the ‘Sensorama’ anthology from EibonVale Press – stories about the senses and the sensory world. It’s a strong collection and I particularly enjoyed the contributions from Terry Grimwood, Tim Nickels, Christine Morgan, and Gary Budgen.


    Donna Scott

    Good recommendation! I see that antho came out just a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a really good idea when I saw the call for submissions. I’ll have to get hold of that – I particularly like Douglas Thompson’s stuff and I see he has a story in there, too. Thanks, David!


    Martin McCallion

    The only short fiction I’ve read recently has been the BSFA award nominees book. Which was… interesting. But I didn’t enjoy it that much. The Benjanun Sriduangkaew story was better than I feared, though way overlong.

    The Selkie story (such of which are for losers, as we know from last year — and I know, it wasn’t a selkie) was OK, but pretty bleak. And the winner… I’d like to discuss it here, actually, because I didn’t really understand what was supposed to be happening at the end.

    It was also fairly bleak. On both of those, I think I’m fed up with stories set in pessimistic futures. Dystopias, certainly, but also this kind of sub-dystopia. That’s the wrong prefix, but super- would sound like the wrong direction. I mean where it’s not quite dark enough to be a dystopia, but just is kind of — to repeat that word — bleak.

    I’m not calling for everything to be sunshine and unicorns, but just a bit more variety of tone.

    Any, I’ve sent all the Holdfast stories to Instapaper, to read later on my Kindle.

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