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    Alex Bardy

    I am relatively new to the BSFA, having joined December 2011, and usually go under the moniker
    @mangozoid on Twitter… I am based just outside York, and look on enviously at the numerous pubmeets, BSFA London nights, and what have you that keep occurring ‘way down south’…

    Basically, given that EasterCon 2013 (EightSquaredCon?) is going to be taking place in our neck of the woods, namely Bradford, I just wondered what interest there may be for setting up a semi-regular pubmeet-style monthly/bi-monthly get together ‘ooop norrfff’?

    I personally am not far from York city centre (and it is a gorgeous place), but no doubt there may be more people based in Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, etc? And I just wanted to gauge interest in the idea? I gather there is a Sheffield SF group but as yet haven;t found that many details…

    My own circumstances such as they are, mean that daytimes are actually better for me, but there are plenty of very happening places up here that are open throughout the day and thus I suspect would probably make a decent place for like-minded genre fans to gather? I don’t wish to tread on other toes, and if somebody’s already doing something like this regularly then please do share the details. As a new(ish) member, I’m probably not the best-placed to take up the idea, but I wanted to at least ‘put it out there’ for discussion?




    The Sheffield Group meet in the The Tap at Sheffield railway station on the 2nd Sunday (I think) of each month. There’s a Facebook group, if you want to know more. Everyone is welcome.



    Hi Alex, I sent a twitter follow to you. I’m at
    I’m up north too, but in Chester so not quite as latitudinal excessive as you. Luckily there are not one, but TWO active science fiction & fantasy book groups in Chester, drawing readers & a few writers from North Wales and Merseyside. It would be good to meet up with other BSFA members though. I know a few in the region – Lymm (Terry Jackman from Orbiters) and others in Manchester.
    Good luck getting a meet going.



    Ian – what’s the name of the Sheffield facebook group. I go to Sheffield sometimes – got my BEd and MSc from Sheffield. Lived in Netheredge.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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