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    My name is Stamatis, although even back in Greece, where I come from, lots of my friends call me Stam.
    So, whichever is easiest.

    My wife and I came to UK in January and we currently live in Surrey.

    I love scifi and I believe that I will really enjoy being a member of the BSFA. I am also a member of the Athens’s Science Fiction Club (ΑΛΕΦ).

    Looking forward to meeting other members in future events.


    Patrick Mahon

    Hi Stam, and welcome to the BSFA and the UK!

    It’s great to hear from you. I’m afraid the Forums here are rather quiet, but if you’ve got any queries or comments you want to make here, go right ahead – it would be good to get some discussions going.

    I’d love to know more about the Athens Science Fiction Club – what kind of things does it do? Is there a lot of home-grown SF in Greece?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers, Patrick.



    Hello Patrick.

    Being a scifi fan I feel really lucky for becoming a BSFA member. Coming in the UK wasn’t an easy decision, but I’m telling the truth when I say that thinking that I will be living in one of the major scifi-sources of the world, made my relocation easier.

    In Greece scifi has its fans, but the percentage of people that enjoy scifi is a lot smaller than here.

    Athens SciFi Club is one of the major supporters of the genre, organising every other week a minor event/meeting open to members and non-members. Biweekly events include film screenings, book presentations (some times with the presence of the translator), short stories reading (usually following questions to the writer since most of the times we read Greek short scifi stories) and speeches on scifi issues prepared by a member.

    The ASFC has a few hundred members (at the time I don’t remember the exact number) of which active are about 200 to 300 (on that matter for more precise information I ‘ll have to contact my friends back in Greece). In every meeting gather about 25 to 50 members, depending on the place and the nature of the event.

    In rare occasions our biweekly meetings offer us something more important and unique, like the meeting that took place last August, when we had the pleasure of talking with David Brin, who was visiting Greece with his family. A really amazing evening.

    ASFC organize twice a year a writers workshop. The participation for members is free, and for non-members it has a small cost, which, in case the non-member participant decides that he/she wants to subscribe to the club, it is deducted from the annual membership fee. The workshop has a limit of 12 stories (one per writer) and a limit of 5 commentators, which usually are members that like to read but don’t write. More details about the procedure I’ll be delighted to offer in case anyone is interested. The only thing I’d like to add is that the critiques are rigorous, but everyone has a great time.

    In Greece publishers aren’t very supportive to the genre, but among our members we have some really good writers (some of them awarded abroad and translated).

    Finally, every Spring the club organizes the SFF-rated. A film festival dedicated to the cinema of the fantastic. It’s like the SF London Film Festival, but as you can imagine a lot smaller in duration and events. It lasts for a whole week, usually in two cinemas and we have the opportunity to watch short films, Greek premieres of major films, and fan made films from all over the world.

    We are not a big country and consequently ASFC is not a big club, but we support scifi as much as we can.

    There are other things I could add about the ASFC but I think that I mention the most important.


    Patrick Mahon

    Thanks Stam – it’s really interesting to hear what’s going on in Athens in relation to SF. I’m impressed by the number of members you get at the meetings!

    Are you planning to attend any UK SF conventions, so that you can meet other SF fans in person? LonCon 3 is in London this August, and would be a great opportunity to meet lots of SF fans from around the world – details at http://www.loncon3.org .



    I know about LonCon 3 and I am planning to attend. Since I would like to be at the convention most of the days, I am thinking of becoming a member.

    But besides LonCon, I would like to attend to a BSFA event and meet with other members. Unfortunately at the moment I don’t own a car and I live in Frimley (Surrey), and so I use public transportation to move. That means that I need about two hours to get to London and another two to return home. That limits my trip timeframe.

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