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    Hi all,

    Been registered awhile, here’s something about me.
    I live just North of Manchester, UK. I live a double life – on the one hand there’s the me who grew in the blighted misery of post-industrial, Burnley, a run down town from which the only way out was the local grammar school. I never escaped, but the net opens opportunities, so in another, spurious life: I came to this planet a few years ago and liked it so much I invited myself to stay. I spent time in the former textile towns of an area frequently referred to as ‘Up-North’.

    Favourite books – these have changed over the years but some stayed the course:
    Dune / Herbert
    Lord of the Rings / Tolkien
    Lord of Light / Zelazny
    Galactic Pot-Healer / Dick
    lots of other books worth reading

    I collect paperbacks (circa 2,000 atm – most pre 1990). I write about the genre, I also experiment in it.

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