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    Patrick Mahon

    Focus #59 came through the letterbox last week, alongside the new issue of Vector. I’m now halfway through it, and am really enjoying the articles. I think Keith Brooke has done a great job of pulling it together, and his feature article, interviewing six SF authors about the state of the publishing industry, makes for fascinating reading.

    Anyone else read Focus #59 yet? What did you think?



    Normally I am to poetry as a banana is to a wheelbarrow but I much enjoyed the SF poetry by Myfanwy Fox in Focus this issue. I told her so and she was most surprised to find her poem in there but recalled submitting it to somewhere a long time ago after a call for speculative poetry. She’d not a member of the BSFA so I posted her a copy. She might join now 🙂


    Alex Bardy

    Really pleased to hear you’re enjoying the issue — Keith did do a fantastic job of compiling all the material to a theme and ’twas a pleasure to put together, and a relatively smooth process. I’m hopeful future issues may be along similar lines (I’d like to see one about Audiobooks, personally).

    Anyway, I didn’t even know the BSFA Forums were still active at all… and no doubt a lot of other people don’t either. We’d best look at doing something about that sometime soon…

    I will say that navigating through these BSFA forums has led me all over the place, including to a different set of BSFA forums where the last posting was 5+ months ago, and the whole logging in and logging out bit seems to be quite erratic — have come across the dreaded “we can’t find that” message a few times… pressed the back arrow, tried again, and it’s taken me where I wanted to go… it’s all very bizarre, frankly.

    I will ask Martin about it though.

    All the best,



    Patrick Mahon

    Thanks very much Alex. If there is anything that can be done to drive a bit more traffic to the Forums, that would be great. I’ve been trying to keep them ticking over for some months, but there really are only a few people posting on them, and my guess is that most people either think they’re dead, can’t find them or can’t work out how to log on so they can post content.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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