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    Patrick Mahon

    Has everyone received the third mailing of 2012 yet? I got my copy today. A very nice surprise to get a copy of a signed NewCon Press title (in my case, disLOCATIONS). I’m about to go on holiday for two weeks, so this will definitely take up some space in my bag…

    Which titles have others got? As I understand it from the covering letter, it was a random selection. Many thanks to Ian Whates, in any case, for making this happen.

    Just as important, is there anyone out there who might be able to respond to Ian’s plea, in the covering letter, for a volunteer (or three) who can help lay up future issues of Vector and Focus, after Martin McGrath sadly stood down from the Committee earlier in the year? If I had a clue about such things, I might put myself forwards, but I’m afraid that’s not in my (very small) skills set. Anyone else in a position to help out?


    Andy M

    Not my skill set either, I’m afraid.

    I think Ian has gone beyond the call of duty by sending out the books as compensation for a missed mailing. After all, it’s his company’s stock he’s depleted to do this. Personally, I’d be happpy if the BSFA just told us there would be delays and wouldn’t mind waiting; such instances haven’t exactly been infrequent over the years, it’s what happens when an organisation relies on a few volunteers.

    I received a limited signed edition of Eric Brown’s “Starship Fall” (2009). Now, I already owned a similar signed copy – and this is the really worrying bit. The copy I had bought was #122 of 350, the copy I’ve been sent was #260. Maybe it’s a bit of an assumption that they’d be sold in number order, but if so to have only sold 200+ copies of a book by a well-known British author in three years seems a pretty sad state of affairs for UK sf, and it makes you wonder how both author and publisher get by.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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