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    We have under a month to go before nominations are closed. Maybe some of you have a few of these books on your list for Santa. Maybe you have other bo
    [See the full post at:]


    Patrick Mahon

    In case you haven’t seen it on the front page of the website, the latest update from Donna on the nominations for the BSFA Awards received so far is at:


    Donna Scott

    The latest update is on the news page of all the nominations received so far. From emails I’ve received some of the items included are causing some of you to splutter! How do you think the list is shaping up so far?


    Patrick Mahon

    Has everyone seen the latest list of books, short stories, non-fiction and articles that have been nominated for one of the BSFA Awards this year? If not, it’s on the front page of the website, at .

    If something’s not on the list that you think ought to be, you need to send it in. Even if it is already on the list, it may only have been nominated once so far, and only those pieces with the most nominations will get through to the short list – so you still need to send in your nominations!

    The deadline is 14 January – less than two weeks away. So get nominating!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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