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    So, for all of you awesome people reading this, it’s my shorty self introduction summary (or Character sheet as we call it in RPG terms, your with me nerds.)

    My name is Mattias Banck, I’m a Artist/writer/lots of other things kind of guy who had the fancy of meeting a mr R.B.Harkess who introduced me to this lovely page.
    I’m born 1988 (so I never need to update my age ^_~) and I live currently in sweden with wife and child (will have to update this Iäm sure in a week >_<) My main interests are stories in any and all forms, be it movies, books, comics and or song. (this also include art, poetry, opera, etc etc.) and almost as much as I like to consume them I also like to make/tell my own. And so, to become a better storyteller I began to write. After being introduced to this site as the best place to advance that skills I came here in hope for just that. So for people who are interested in knowing me more on a personal level. Send a PM or email me on my email (mattias banck @ hotmail . com) where I gladly let you do just that. Otherwise, I will most likely hang around here for those that do not know how to PM or email, and you can just stalk me in the forums like anyone else. (or maybe simple reply to this thread...) O_O!

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