Nominate for the BSFA Awards

Please fill in the details below to nominate a work for a BSFA Award. A work is eligible if it was first published in the calendar year 2014.

See the awards page for details of eligibility.
Because of a software problem you can only nominate one work at a time below. If you want to nominate more, please revisit this page, which you can do by clicking on the “Go Back” link, after submitting a nomination.

It will help us enormously if you include all the right information with your nomination.

For example:
Title (please replace your name with Title of Work)
Iain M Banks
Place of Publication (if a magazine or journal article, you can name the publication here, or the publisher)
URL (if applicable) (NB: This is good for online links to stories, non fiction and artwork)
Category (please select from the dropdown)
Your name
Joanne Bloggs
BSFA member 101234, postcode BL3 BLA1A. (Comments section can also be used to tell us what you think of the work, or ask questions)



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