BSFA 2017 Awards: Voting Form

The 2017 BSFA Awards are currently in the nomination phase. Visit this page to nominate:



How to Vote: Mark your choices in each category in order of preference: ‘1’ for first place, ‘2’ for second place, etc.

You are not required to rank all the nominees in any category.

Advance votes, whether electronic or postal, must be received by Wednesday 28th March 2017. Ballot papers will only be accepted after this date if handed in to the BSFA table at Eastercon, or given to the Awards Administrator in person.

If you intend to send votes by post instead of via the e-ballot form, please include your BSFA membership number (on the envelope of your latest mailing) and your name and address. Send your postal votes to: BSFA Awards 9 Montgomery Road, Cambridge CB4 2EQ

EASTERCON: Those attending Eastercon can vote at the BSFA table until noon on the day of the awards ceremony, which is on Saturday 31st March. If you are attending Eastercon, you do not need to be a member of the BSFA to take part in the vote.

The BSFA Awards, along with other honours and prizes, can be your gateway to discovering great new fiction, non-fiction and artwork: we would always encourage our members to support the creators where they can by buying their books.