BSFA 2016 Awards: Voting Form

Hello BSFA members who wish to nominate works for the 2016 BSFA Awards. Welcome! However, I’m afraid you’ve landed on the voting page, and it’s full of 2015’s stuff at the moment… what a marvellous year that was…

If you are a BSFA member, you can nominate between now and the end of 2016 here. The form to do so will be made available from 1st October 2016.

This page will come to the fore after the end of January, when we will have our new shortlist here that members of the BSFA and Eastercon can vote on.

See you back here then, then!


MARCH 21st UPDATE: Apologies, the form got broken and we couldn’t fix it and that’s why it has disappeared. If members need to send advance votes, you can scan in the PDF form below and email it to us, or just write down your vote in the body of an email – email will reach us for sure! the address is

Of course, some people may not be able to email and won’t be able to attend  Eastercon and as the booklet has only just arrived, those people will have noticed they have missed the postal deadline we gave. We don’t want to disenfranchise you.  If you would like to send your vote via snail mail it would most likely not reach the administrator’s address in time, so you can send instead to this address. Please make sure we get it before Saturday 26th:






M3 4LQ


  • Please remember to include your BSFA membership number and full name written in block capitals, or printed, so it’s nice and clear. (This is on the envelope of your latest mailing).
  • And don’t panic –  if you are going to Eastercon you will be able to hand us your ballot there. We have ballots in the welcome packs and some more on the BSFA desk. Deadline for votes at the convention is Midday/noon on Saturday 26th March.

How to Vote: Mark your choices in each category in order of preference: ‘1’ for first place, ‘2’ for second place, etc.

You are not required to rank all the nominees in any category.

If you decide not to vote in a given category, leave it blank.

Advance electronic votes must be received by midnight Friday 25th.

A PDF version of the form is here:

BSFA ballot 2015 form

 Best Novel

Dave Hutchinson: Europe at Midnight, Solaris

Chris Beckett: Mother of Eden, Corvus

Aliette de Bodard: The House of Shattered Wings, Gollancz

Ian McDonald: Luna: New Moon, Gollancz

Justina Robson: Glorious Angels, Gollancz


Best Short Fiction

Aliette de Bodard: “Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight”. Clarkesworld 100

Paul Cornell: “Witches of Lychford”,

Jeff Noon: “No Rez”, Interzone 260

Nnedi Okorafor, “Binti”,

Gareth L. Powell: “Ride the Blue Horse”, Matter


Best Non-Fiction

Nina Allan: “Time Pieces: Doctor Change or Doctor Die”, Interzone 261

Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce: Letters to Tiptree, Twelfth Planet Press

Jonathan McCalmont: “What Price Your Critical Agency”, Ruthless Culture.

Adam Roberts: Rave and Let Die: The SF and Fantasy of 2014, Steel Quill Books

Jeff Vandermeer: “From Annihilation to Acceptance: a writer’s surreal journey”,

The Atlantic, January 2015


Best Artwork

Jim Burns, Cover of Pelquin’s Comet, Newcon Press

Vincent Sammy: “Songbird”, Interzone 257

Sarah Anne Langton: Cover of Jews Versus Zombies, Jurassic London